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Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor....the Challenge

19 November 2022

About this Brand New Event

The Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor was a natural outflow from a two year long dream of mine to showcase the vastness of our area with the multiple gravel roads running through it, on a bicycle….obviously.

It started with a mountain bike corridor idea that evolved, have a look on the Klein Karoo Corridor page more about this.

The event starts in the “Karoo” and finishes in Montagu making it a point to point event and not a circular route.  I chose the these specific roads to incorporate the beauty of our area and the idea is not to make you suffer on long boring roads in the wind but to thrill you with the beauty of the Klein Karoo

These routes promises to make you wanna come back to this area again and again.

Event Distances

Kortpad/Shortcut 70km:  this route option is for those not so fit yet or a first time gravel event rider.  The route runs all the way downhill to Montagu with 3 short climbs that will test your lungs.  Just a fun way to get into gravel road riding.  451m Ascent and 1233m Descent

Ompad/Detour 100km:  adding a 30km through the reserve makes this the ideal distance if you have some fitness in your legs.  Not too long just that perfect distance making you finish in that sweet spot.  693m Ascent and 1470m Descent

Langpad/Longway 210km:  Race distance for the ultra marathon junkies, those legs that know they can go the whole way.  This route has everything you may want on a gravel event, some stiff climbs, twisty downhill on a mountain pass and in between outstretched sections where you can really put the hammer down. Terrain varies and you will not be bored or disappointed.  There is lots of wildlife on this loop.  1852m Ascent and 2632m Descent

Route info

This is a point to point route and solely gravel, no sections of tar anywhere! It starts in the “Karoo” and heads east into the sunrise traversing the Anysberg Nature Reserve before it turns west again ending in the picturesque town of Montagu.  Take note the last 25km is downhill to the finish, it starts with 4km’s down Ouberg (look it up on Strava), be careful not to over cook it, especially when tired or in the dark!


Gravel bikes, Mountain bikes

Entry fees

210km @ R1900

100km @ R450

70km @ R400

What is included?

For the 210km two full dinner meals plus backup, support and 5 water points.

Medics on all three distances plus backup and sweeping.

Two water points for the 100km and one for the 70km and something special on the last water point for all.

Who is welcome?

Gravel bikes, Mountain bikes and E-bikes (only for 70 & 100km events)

Late Entries

Late entries only available for the 70 & 100km events, with an additional R100 fee (for administration people on the day).  from 5am to 6:30am on race day

Online entries

open 1 June 2022

Race Registration

Will be the day before at the start venue (from 12pm) and race briefing 6pm just before the pasta dinner. (you are welcome to bring your own wine)


7pm just after Race Briefing is the pasta dinner included in 210km race entry and available as extra dinner ticket for the other participants and support.

Backup Support

Support for the 210km race option is in the form of race boxes that the rider packs and makes sure is loaded before he/she gets to the start line.  These boxes will be available at the two checkpoints.  No other support vehicles will be allowed on route for the safety and enjoyment of the cyclists. Friends and family takes the shortest route back to Montagu via the tar R318.


Very important to take note:  you need to sign in and out of these checkpoints.  Here you will get your support boxes as well as a warm meal at WP 4/Checkpoint 1  Failing to sign in and out will cause disqualification, this is for the race organizer to know where you are on route in case of an emergency.

Water points

Five water points will be available for the 210km race option.  Two water points for the 100km and one water point for the 70km.  Water, energy drink mix and snacks at the water points.  You are responsible for anything more than this.


Start & Registration Venue:  Leeuwenboschfontein

The 210km riders start 30min before sunrise at 5am, the first 15km will be a neutral zone.  Lights for your bike might be a good idea.  You can always put them away in your support box and if you take your time you might need them again when finishing as the sun sets.  How you plan this is up to you to figure out.

The 70 and 100km starts at 7am.

Timing done by Great-Time

GPS files will be sent to competitors with pre-entries (for all three distances)


Bunch start for the first year with 15km neutral zone

Race cut off:

8pm for the 210km. (it gives you 15hours to finish) and 2pm for the other two distances.

Finish venue:  Doringlaagte Montagu

At the finish venue food-stalls will be available, pack cash on you if you unsure if your support team will be in time.

Prize Giving

3pm 19th November Doringlaagte for 70 & 100km and 10am 20th November for 210km

Rules Regulations & Indemnity

No rider will be allowed to participate without having read and signed these documents.  Download sign and return

What is included:

70 & 100km

Great route, great water points, sweeper vehicle AND being part of the very first event of “something bigger” that is coming. 

Terrain: 70km mostly fast flowing good gravel with sections of corrugation towards the end, that can be avoided by choosing a better line.  100km has one small section of cobblestones and also to the finish sections of corrugation that can be avoided.

All finishers will get a Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Challenge Medal. You can also buy a ticket for the chicken ala King pasta meal the night before.  Taking part in this inaugural event will give you first chance to enter when the Something Much Bigger happens in 2023

210km Race

Terrain:  this route has something of everything, sections of “cobblestone”,  some corrugation, hard-pack gravel that feels like tarmac and makes your bike run like the wind, twisty mountain passes.  You need to know how to read the road and the terrain to get the most speed out of your steed.

Spectacular route, water points, backup and support, two full meals.  This is year ONE but diarise this event as something much bigger is on its way and the riders taking part in the inaugural event will get first chance to enter for the BIG 2023 …..


Look at the accommodation options under the menu tabs

How to get to the Start venue

N1 via De Doorns take the R318 travel 27km then take the Nougaspoort gravel turn off, travel 13km to find Leeuwenboschfontein Guest farm on your left.

N2 Montagu take the R318 travel 51km north through the Koo valley to the Nougaspoort gravel turn off on your right. Travel 13km on this road to find Leeuwenboschfontein on your left.

Vehicle support

If you have a problem getting your vehicle back to Montagu or getting to the start venue, please make contact with me via email