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Leeuwenboschfontein 3 Day Mountain Bike Event

16-18 Dec 2022

About the Event

This event is aimed at getting out of the rat race, away from phones and pressure and therefore this event isn’t timed. You have a choice which distance you would like to do every day. It is about getting out into the veld, stop and breathe….just relax and enjoy the trails and the scenery. No Pressure!

We are planning a kiddies ride with the guest farm and will update the page as info is available.

The shorter stages are suited for riders that does not enjoy technical terrain and the longer stages you will find more technical sections.

E Bikes are welcome

Venue & Name

Leeuwenboschfontein is the guest farm hosting us for this event and has so much to offer.  Hiking trails, 4×4 route, Observatory a great campsite, swimming pools and varied accommodation types.


The Klein Karoo at it’s best, vast expanses, clean air, the sound and smells of the veld, skies so clear you can almost touch the stars! This event is a family friendly event and the venue lends itself towards it. The campsites are under trees on grass with swimming pools and play area for kids. Leeuwenboschfontein has so much to offer from hiking trails, 4×4 route and even an Observatory. Make sure to book a sight.

Over the last 20 years this area has gone from sheep farming to guest farms and the game has moved into our area by themselves: gemsbuck, eland, kudu, wildebeest etc and loads of smaller game as well.


Stage 1:  66.3km with 731m ascent

                50.6km with 511m ascent

Stage 2: 74.5km with 1092m ascent

               50km  with 571m ascent

Stage 3:  55km with 817m ascent

                50km with 740m ascent

Entries open 1 May 2022

Cost:  to be confirmed: which will include a spitbraai entry

Route Description

Stage One:

Starts with a gravel section to get the legs warmed up and then enters the first farm and gets into easy jeep track which makes it way gently up to a windmill. 

Here you will enter a cattle and horse farm (Ranch as the owner calls it) named Ezelsjacht, the veld is in pristine condition as it isn’t over grazed and the roads are also in very good condition. 

It is a steady climb to the first water point at 32km. The short and long stage splits at 28km but share a water point and this is at 46km for the longer stage.

From here the stages are together for 3km before the next split. 

There are no technical sections up to the end of the stage where there is a choice for both to take an alternative 4km loop with great technical riding or to head home via 2km gravel road.

A feel good ride! Really great trails, great scenery, vast expanses as you make your way up the steady climb to the water point and then for those who like a challenge a fun 4km section called the Leeuloop at the end of the stage.

Stage Two:

This stage start off like stage one along an easy gravel road sloping down towards your first easy jeep track.

From here you start a gradual climb through Karoo vegetation where you will find old ruins and a herd of Eland before you go up a steep climb (less than 1km to the top), from here you go down to water point one, where the short and long stages split at 36km.

The shorter stage winds through a sheep farm with open jeep track and makes it way back into the gravel road to return to the Start/Finish line

The longer stage from the water point makes it way into Middelberg for a loop in the mountain with more technical sections (blue to red) which consists of steep short climbs and magnificent views over Keerom and the Koo. 

Then descends  the mountain to the water point to follow the same route home as the short stage. 

There is a 300m single track 6km’s before the end of the stage that those that doesn’t like single track may walk, however it isn’t technical at all.

This is a more challenging ride for the longer stage and you will not be disappointed.  Really great routes and magnificent vistas for both stage.

Stage Three:

This is the only stage that start uphill….on open gravel road both stage makes their way to the first turn off into easy jeep track at 5km’s

The short and long stage splits at 14km’s from here the shorter stage takes a short cut to meet up with the long route on Kopbeenskloof 

The longer stage traverses the jeep tracks of Sandvlei Guest farm and makes its way up to the radio towers at 30km, where the water point is at. 

After the water point is a short sheep trail (single track) before you make your way back into the Waboomsberg range to get stunning vistas over the Koo and Agterveld. Really great riding and worth the extra km’s for the last stage of the weekend.

Then from here makes its way down towards Kopbeenskloof where the two stages merge and you ride 7km downhill to the finish line via jeep track.

Venue & Accommodation


We are using Leeuwenboschfontein as venue for the for this event.  You are however free to book on any guest farm in the vicinity as we ares spoiled for choice in a radius of 12km’s from the Start/Finish area.


for those interested there is an observatory on the guest farm should you want to book a sight.  

List of Accommodation

Follow the link to Google Maps for Accommodation listing

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