Makadas Mountain Bike Recce 12th to 13th December 2020

By invitation only…..

Saturday: day ride 30km jeep track with 5 single/animal track sections

Saturday: sunset/night ride +/-15km (technical terrain)

Sunday 74km stage:  mostly jeep track with single/animal tracks (some sand and definitely rocks)

No route markings: gps up loadable tracks

Two trails to choose from for both Saturday and Sunday’s ride: (let’s called it a T and E route…one is just less “technical”)

Accommodation: camping

Max 20 riders: family and non riding friends welcome to camp with

The idea with this recce: to get back into the “swing” of mountain bike events, getting new land owners onboard and giving them the opportunity to get a feel for the event we planning for 2021. We have chosen incredible trails for this recce and we promise that you won’t stop smiling soon, age old jeep tracks and animal tracks that we have just cleared of rocks and overgrown bushes, the idea is not to disturb the environment too much. Cost of this recce will be kept at minimum (cost), you will pay for camping, conservation fee and land access plus water point goodies, in return we need your honest feedback. This event is technical but you can ride it….it is not your average long distance open gravel road type event…but that is what Makadas is known for…real mountain biking!

Link to more photo’s

Below short video clips taken on the Jeep Track section of Saturday’s ride