Why Makadas

Why the name Makadas

Makadas Adventures, the name is derived from the steam train branch line that ran between Touwsriver and Ladismith from 1925 to 1981.  When in 1981 the devastating Laingsburg flood damaged the line in such a way that it was deemed too expensive to repair and it never ran again.

On the Touws River – Ladismith branch line, the steam locomotive (Class 7’s), or even the whole daily mixed passenger and goods train, used on this section, was nick named ‘ Makadas ‘.

Most explanations for the origin of the word Makadas boils down to be an Afrikaans phonetical representation of the English “Make a Dash!!!”.

We chose the name due to our events running in the area and criss-crossing the “line” in an attempt to let the name and history live on.  Short video clip of the Makadas steam train on Youtube

Website with more info on the Makadas steam engine and branch line between Touwsrivier and Ladismith


Makadas at sunset
Makadas at Ladismith station
Makadas steam train
Makadas Steam Locomotive image